Openxcell – Mobile App Development Company

Openxcell_iPhone Development

OpenXcell is an expert in delivering high performance and scalable enterprise mobile apps in Android and iOS.

Mobile devices have already conquered the internet. Social sharing, geo tagging and information search has taken the mobile to a different level altogether. If you have a business that seeks to reach its customers through the internet, mobile users need to be tapped. The most effective way to do it right now is having your own mobile application.

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Software Development Company Statement

  • Get started with Custom Software \development
  • There is so much more to Mobile Apps
  • Is your Industry ready to embrace our Customized Approach?
  • Cast a Vision for the Future
  • Explore the wave of Latest Technologies

Openxcell – Company deliver value & performance

To deliver value and high performance to clients with software products and technology innovations

Openxcell – About

At Openxcell Technolabs, we help you turn your idea into apps, solve problems and make your app a potential goldmine. Openxcell boasts of standing in the top league when it comes to app development for iOS, Android and Windows. We have evolved into a one stop destination for mobile application creation to the final step of app marketing. With over half a decade of experience, we position ourselves as the pioneers in the industry and one of the most reliable app development companies today. To be a worthy offshore development company, we hire the most intelligent, proficient and tech-savvy mobile apps developers. Our developers have in-depth knowledge of major platforms/frameworks used for mobile development. With a team of over 100 dedicated developers, designers, and creative engineers, we are equipped to meet your project requirements on creative benchmarks as well as on human capital. Share your app idea with us let us create a valuable customer touch point for your business.

Openxcell – Achievements

  • 11+ Years of experience
  • 300+ Experts of technology
  • 1000+ Software delivered to clients
  • CMMI Level 3 dev company
  • ValueShore outsourcing model
  • 800+ Clients worldwide

Openxcell – Services

  • App Strategy
  • App Designing
  • App Development
  • Support & Maintenance
  • OpenXcell provides efficient support and maintenance after deployment
  • App Marketing
  • App Porting

Openxcell – Industries

  • Software & Technology
  • Education 
  • Retail & eCommerce
  • BFSI
  • Logistic & Shipping
  • Travel Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Health & Life Science
  • Media Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • Energy And Utilities
  • Automotive

Dot Com Infoway – iPhone Development Company

Dot Com Infoway_iPhone Development

iPhone App development has turned into a very profitable business for those who come up with innovative app ideas to sell on the Apple store to a large target audience!

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Software Development Company Statement

  • Mobile App Development – Add mobile computing in a business context with security, application management & financial management.
  • Blockchain Application Development – We help you identify the business processes that can be decentralized with our blockchain expertise.
  • #1 Award Winning App Marketing Agency – We help your app achieve top rankings and reach target audience on the app stores.

Dot Com Infoway – Company value

Our vision is to be a globally reputed IT company that leverages technology to deliver customized, cost-effective solutions. We hope to be recognized as one of the Top 50 IT solutions companies in India by the year 2020.

To provide innovative IT solutions and services that streamline business processes, galvanize enterprise productivity and help our clients achieve their business objectives with the aim of achieving 100% customer satisfaction every time.

Dot Com Infoway – About

Creating an application is not an easy task if you are looking to get a solid and professional result. Being able to create an application for a business is a great way to stand out in modern times, but the process of making an innovative app that thousands and even millions of people can use can be a life-changing project.

We are specialized IOS application developers who can help people who come up with innovative and revolutionary ideas by turning existing concepts into realities. We also provide the brainstorming of great ideas for the purpose of business engagement.

At Dot Com Infoway, we are ready to create the ultimate iPhone app based on your needs and your requests!

If you are looking to hire iPhone App developer services, you will find that our team is ideal for this task. We have vast experience and we can handle any kind of application development project that is presented for our evaluation.

Any iPhone App Development Company that is capable of developing apps needs to make sure that their services are provided at accessible costs. Unmatched quality is essential and this is the reasons why hiring us for your development needs is going to be so important.

Contact us today and we will give you an initial evaluation for your app development project!

Dot Com Infoway – Facts

  • 1000+ CLIENTS
  • 5000+ PROJECTS

Dot Com Infoway – Services

  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile App Marketing
  • Blockchain Development
  • Enterprise App Development
  • UI Design
  • IoT Development

Dot Com Infoway – Clients

  • Combell
  • ByteDance
  • Marriott
  • Bwired
  • Sanmax
  • XTRM

Saffron Tech – iPhone Development Company

Saffron Tech_iPhone Development

iOS Applications complement Apple devices with exemplary ease of use. At Saffron Tech, we deliver quality iOS App development as per the customer’s needs. Software applications embody functionality, particularly when they are exceptionally developed. iOS platforms generate more in app sales vis-à-vis their strongest competitors: Android.

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Software Development Company Statement


Saffron Tech has the expertise to profoundly transform your business through digital advances. With offices in US & India, we understand the global market and help businesses embrace the most advanced digital transformation techniques to boost profitability.

Saffron Tech – About


The application is an amalgamation of dynamic processes starting from the design platform, programming, and user interface. Our experience caters to these requirements and is capable of delivering cutting-edge iOS Apps.


Developing an iOS Application needs to be done with utmost quality, as it has to pass through a series of rigorous criteria laid down by Apple before being listed in the Apple store.

Guaranteed Security

The iOS App is a highly secured platform as it comes with an inbuilt security system of data integration and encryption and penalties against data duplication, measures preventing hacking of data.


The iOS App can cater to the needs of clients at higher levels for all business verticals. The dynamics of the app can be constantly upgraded by our in-house experts, giving the end user an appreciable experience.

Plethora of applicability

iOS Apps are dominating all genres of business. Be it the world of gaming, online booking, travel, education, e-Commerce, social networking, etc., iOS Apps are streamlining business. Our dexterous workforce is capable of delivering unique, innovative apps for all industries.

Development Process

As per the requirements of our customers, our highly qualified professionals are experts in iOS, Xcode ,TvOS, and Swift, which help to deliver flawless and smooth iOS Apps.

Saffron Tech – Industries


Saffron Tech – Services

  • IOS

Saffron Tech – Facts

  • 10 years Development and Digital Marketing
  • 200+ Engineers and Digital Consultants
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • 1000+ Clients for Digital Transformation
  • 99% Customer Satisfaction
  • 99% Web Portals and Mobile Application Delivered

Saffron Tech – Partnership

  • Knock Wise
  • Minx
  • Oliv
  • TE global

Intuz – iPhone Development Company

Intuz_iPhone Development

Intuz believes in delivering the best, nothing less than that! We are a premier iOS app development company having an intellectual team of iPhone App Developers who build avant-garde mobile apps.

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Software Development Company Statement

We are a Top Custom Web & Mobile App – Development Company in San Francisco, San Jose California & India

Client admires us for our Collaborative approach. Reasonable price. Fast. Pro-active. Consultative.

Want to launch your app in weeks instead of months? Rapid Application Development – Building Apps Faster.

Intuz – About

Intuz has the capability to build scalable and high-performing apps that not only appeal to users but also boost up business operations of the organizations. iOS experts of Intuz create innovative and creative iOS applications that offer formidable results.

We have proven expertise in providing industry best product apps, SaaS solutions, CRM apps, and much more. Having exclusive experience to work with startups to corporate, we have in-depth insights about the versatile needs of diversified industry domains.

Intuz – Services

  • Chat (XMPP)
  • Apple Pay
  • Social Media
  • Integration
  • iBeacons
  • iWatch
  • iCloud
  • Drive
  • Quickblox
  •  Augment
  • Reality (AR)
  • Homekit
  • Location Based
  • Service
  • 3d touch
  • Push
  • Notification

Intuz – Specialisations

  • Hospitality
  • Social Network
  • Transportation
  • Business & Productivity
  • Healthcare & Fitness
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Games
  • Real Estate
  • Technology

Intuz – Partnership

  • Amazon web services – Partner Network
  • Microsoft Silver Certified
  • iOS Developers
  • Developers

Innofied Solution – iPhone Development Team

Innofied Solution_iPhone Development

Among all the things you need, we drive technology better than others. We’re a trusted team, headed by a Co-Founder duo with 25 years of experience. For the last 6+ years we provided amazing web and mobile app development services that won numerous awards, featured in different medias & brought great revenues till date.

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Software Development Company Statement


With our award-winning web and mobile app development team

Innofied Solution – About

In 2012, two of us left our job to start building applications from an one-room office. Today, Innofied is an Award Winning Technology company with 100+ full-time team members helping Fortune 500 companies, Startups and first-time founders to attain their business goals by:

  • Creating their technology product roadmap
  • Improve product experience by delivering outstanding customer experience
  • Building strategy to raise capital, launch product, & acquire users

Led by an executive team that has combined technology experience of more than 60 years, Innofied has maintained an excellent Customer Experience for last 7 years. With 400+ high- quality solutions in Mobile & Web platforms, Innofied is also into IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain, & Chatbot development. Innofied bagged more than 300+ happy clients that includes multiple Fortune 500, Billion dollar companies. They have enormous experience in 6 popular industries like Transport, Education, Health Care, IOT & Wearables, Ecommerce & Finance.

Innofied Solution – Facts

  • 150+ Happy Clients
  • 100+ Team Strength
  • 400+ Apps Delivered
  • 6M App Downloads
  • 75% Repeat Clients

Innofied Solution – Services

  • iOS App Development Services
  • Android App Development Services
  • Cross Platform App Development Services
  • Game Development Services

Innofied Solution – Specialization

  • Chat Apps
  • Multimedia Apps
  • News Apps
  • Geo-Location Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • On Demand Apps
  • Utility Apps
  • IoT Apps
  • Ride Apps
  • AR-VR Apps

Innofied Solution – Partnership

  • Forbes
  • Business insider
  • TechCrunch
  • TNW

Algoworks – iPhone Development Company

Algoworks_iPhone Development

With more than 2.5 billion smartphone users around the world, this world is craving for high performance phones and secure devices to store and access data. Think of the pictures you take, passwords you save, and scores of other data such as your bill details, your banking and purchasing activities. That’s where iOS apps come into the picture – it is defined for its top performing operating system which is the most secure and unquestionably reliable.

But where do we come into the picture? Why not choose any other iOS app development services provider? Because we have also set the highest benchmarked for select-services for which we are most loved!

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Software Development Company Statement


OVERCOME YOUR – Salesforce Challenges Work With Salesforce Certified Experts.

We DO DevOps – Because the expectation is upping a 10% up-time a 100 times in no time.

Algoworks – Company value

Our global team comprises of visionary strategists, deft technical architects, creative designers and experienced developers who craft visually stunning iPhone Apps. Powered by no-nonsense QA specialists, we ensure that deliveries are solid.

iOS is among the fastest growing mobile OS on the planet. If you are on this page, you already know why having an iOS app can benefit your cause. Let’s go forward and check out our USPs. You shall fancy us soon if not already we promise

Algoworks – About

Algoworks is an IT service provider recognized globally as technology experts with offices in Sunnyvale, California and Noida, India. Spanning a decade, the customer retention rate stands at a whopping 99% for customers from US, UK, Europe, East Asia, South America and the Middle-East.

We are offering services in key areas of enterprise mobile app development, enterprise content management solutions (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) and software product engineering (SPE). Algoworks provides state of the art DevOps services to optimize software processes for businesses. We follow a consultative-driven approach for providing end to end expertise in providing mobility solutions besides being one of the top service providers on SaaS technologies like Salesforce.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a wide span of technology experts under the same roof – one of the reasons why we are not just fan-favourite, but also recognized as among the best technology companies by Deloitte & SiliconIndia!

Algoworks – Advantage

  • Top Consultants. iOS Gurus to guide you
  • High quality development with certified developers
  • High quality development
  • Complete transparency & clear communication
  • Use of latest tools, technologies & methodologies
  • Confidentiality and security

Algoworks – Services

  • Provides High Security
  • Great Consumer Experience
  • Tech-Savvy Audience
  • Higher ROI

Algoworks – Partnership

  • Microsoft – Silver Partner
  • Salesforse – silver consulting partner – 
  • um webmerge
  • Kentico – Bronze Partner
  • Amazon web services – Partner Network
  • IBM – SI Partner
  • cloudera CONNECT
  • DELL Boomi